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What a bunch of cheapskates this company is! They should be right up there with the usual suspects. Shocked

My friend got an offer to start work with Swiss Global Group, and the moment the 3rd party recruiter who put my friend in touch with them staked his placement claim, they summarily withdrew the offer?? No explanation, decency, no honor, no integrity, no conscience and this a week before Christmas? Angry My mate deserves better than this, for sure.

It sounds like money problems if you ask me? It seems like controversy, complaints and legal matters follow this Mike Coady, Rebekah Roe (his assistant seemingly hopping along with him from IFA company to company) and the rest of their motley crew wherever they go. Ninja

They say what goes around comes around, so we'll let Karma take care of the rest. Seems like a real old Brittex, conveyor belt type setup what what I've read online. Sarcastic

Angela Brooks should look into these guys actually. Like Women like us should have more guts. There seems much to dig up and expose, seemingly nothing worth rescuing at all if you ask me. Clapping

Sis on you Swiss Global Group lot for contributing to the already tarnished offshore wealth management reputation. Firms like yours should be plucked out by the root along with quite a few others who continues to walk around like you're untouchable, ruining the lives of people, not paying them, leaving them stranded in countries with rent and financial obligations and commitments they can't meet, the list seems to go on. Shocked

And yea, best you probably don't respond, because what can you say, right? The actual truth hurts, and although I can appreciate that some folks use this platform maliciously and that certain things should be taken with a pinch of salt half the time (ie. disgruntled employees dismissed because they couldn't *** the job etc) BUT when the same recurring complaints are posted by too many others to ignore, well, I guess that says it all.

People like Mike Coady DipPFS Flod and his crew are seemingly not in the LEAST interested in repenting from what I can tell. I guess it's time to stand up for my friend and other victims like him and get them to spend that money that would've gone to employees in a way that will yield $0 ROI.

I wonder what a full audit will reveal...?

Reason of review: When someone has to stand up for others.

Preferred solution: The world to know and to WATCH OUT and avoid this firm at all costs..

  • dishonest
  • No integrity
  • Swiss Global
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I was a client of them in 2017. They have charged extremely high commissions and did lie on commission during pitching me on the phone.

I can not get my money out as they keep ignoring my phone calls and emails.

Stuart Hamon is a trikster, con man and criminal. Now he set up a new company in Dubai under the name Kharta group and running the same show.


Sounds like a pissed recruiter.