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Turns out swissglobal has been bought out by devere. Nigel Green has also acquired prosperity wealth and is looking to monopolize the IFA market in the middle east.

The acquisition has been authorized by group founder Paul Kavanagh.

Devere group CEO states that the swissglobal brand will continue to remain autonomous, with minor influences from the Devere head.

Swissglobal is no longer present in Switzerland as their license has been revoked. Nigel stated that their Devere office in Switzerland will now act as their Swiss branch.

Swissglobal is still in negotiations with providers as they do not have the relevant licensing to operate in the UAE.

Apparently, thier team of Consultants only conduct business outside of the UAE as they legally cannot operate locally. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The New CEO appears to be Tim Searle, of global eye, rumours indicate? However this is yet to be confirmed.

Nigel green celebrates his new venture from his marina office.

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