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Nigel Green has bought out swissglobal group from bankrupt owners Paul Kavanagh and Stuart Hamon.

Nigel green met with the owners last week in an effort to revive the failing business. CEO Mike Coady has been dismissed with immediate effect due to past history of disputes with Nigel.

Nigel commented that he wishes Mike coady the best and is confident that he will remain a valuable ex employee.

Nigel green has a new strategy for swissglobal. Brand new brand and marketing DeSwiss Global Group.

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What strikes me is the naivety of the staff who have hung on until the bitter end


Well, this is very interesting. I am really surprised that Devere bought the ailing firm with all the reputational damage that now exists.

Can't see much benefit to the larger Devere group really.

Mike Coady was the only professional left at the firm but now he's been sacked also. What will happen to the skeleton staff that now are left stranded in dubai after moving with Paul K and Stuart during their Swiss exodus?


Paul and Stuart during their Swiss exodus even brought their PA’s with them. As for what will happen to skeleton staff that now are left stranded in dubai- they do not care. I beleive Paul and Stuart after warrant will go to leave in bahamas, jerset, guernsay